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§ References

 University of Maine. Development of a two hours course of heraldry for a Master’s degree of E-learning in Genealogy.
 Chinese Castel Owners of France.
 Maison Sichel (international trade of great wines of Bordeaux since 1883)
 Beijing College, private English Schools in the world belonging to The British Schools Group.
 Fondation Fourvière.
 Prefecture of the Papal House, Holy See.
 Cardinal Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon and Vienne, Primat des Gaules.
 Madame la comtesse de Paris born Isabelle Princess d’Orléans-Bragance.
 Mgr Jacques Perrier, Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes, Great Prior of the lieutenancy of France of the order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
 Cardinal Billé, Archbishop of Lyon and Vienne, Primat des Gaules, President of the Conference of the Bishops of France.
 Mr. Michel Popoff, former chief curator to the Cabinet des monnaies, médailles et antiques of the Bibliothèque nationale de France. Secretary of the International Academy of Heraldry.
 Ducal house of Gramont.
 Princely house of Oldenbourg.
 Princely house of Andronikof.
 Association Française pour la Protection des Archives Privées (Paris).
 Charlotte de Turckheim (french actress) & Hugo production (film production).
 Wine château du Coing de Saint-Fiacre (Loire-Atlantique).
 Wine château de Rully (Saône et Loire).
 Wine château de Corcelles en Beaujolais (Rhône).
 Olivier de Sercey (Paris).
 D.R.A.C. Rhône-Alpes. Intervention as expert on emblazoned frescoes on the archeological site of the House of the Chamarier (Lyon).
 Galerie Michel Descours, gallery of antiques (Lyon).
 French Ministry of Justice. Expertise and testimony on a legal case of usurpation of Coat of Arms.