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Heraldical, historical and genealogical publishing

 Editions Orsini de Marzo

 Histoire et Généalogie
Website of Philippe Houël de Chaulieu, Publisher, proposes the digitalization of today untraceable or extremely expensive printed historic, genealogical and heraldic reference books under the shape of a numerous collection of CD and DVD.

 Editions héraldiques Homunculus

 Burke’s Peerage & Gentry International Register of Arms
Private register of armorial bearings in current use throughout the world which includes the names and family biographies of the bearers along with the rationale and history behind their use and design.
From this material, a printed armorial is published (Volume number1 was published in 2011).

 Editions Historic’one

 The military bookstore of Angelo Luigi Pirocchi


 Nicolas Salagnac
Engraver and medals maker

 Gérard Riandet

  Histoires d’art …
Creation of regional jewels inspired by the Romanesque art and creation of unique items in contemporary jewelry

 Pascal Decours
Creator of medieval furniture

  Rupert Pearson
The Studio of Rupert Pearson, Sculpture and Design

Scientific societies and institutes

 Société Française d’Héraldique et de Sigillographie
60, rue des Francs-Bourgeois
75141 Paris cedex 03

 Official website of the Vlaamse Heraldische Raad (Heraldic Authority of Flanders) which shows all the coat of arms created by the authority.

 Musée de la Légion d’honneur et des Ordres de Chevalerie
You have to see it’s wonderful collections and the beautiful building called the Hôtel de Salm.
2, rue de la Légion d’honneur (in front of the Musée d’Orsay)
75007 Paris

Heraldry enthusiasts

 Website of a friend fascinated by heraldry: Dr Bernhard PETER.
This fabulous website presents more than a thousand photos of German heraldic monuments carved in stone accompanied with excellent historic, heraldic and genealogical comments. A must on the internet!

 La langue du blason
The wonderful French blog of Anne Behaghel-Dindorf, Doctor in Linguistics. The content is of a high scientific quality and the illustrations taken from armorials are beautiful. The author really likes the heraldic art.

 Grandes De Espana.
Extremely well informed website dedicated to the heraldry and to the genealogy of the Spanish grandees as well as to the history(story) of the institution of the grandesse. It contains a remarkable part devoted to the history and the characteristics of the Spanish heraldry based on the best works dealing with the question. Website in Castilian. The heraldic part is trilingual: Castilian, French and English.

 Blog de heraldica
Spanish blog of Don José Juan de Carrión Rangel devoted to Spanish and international heraldry.

 Art du blason et identité graphique.
The website of a heraldic enthusiast dealing about connections between coat of arms and logotypes.

English blog of Kimon Andreou devoted to the international heraldry.

 Website of Massimo Predonzani, historian and specialist of the Italian Renaissance

 The Chinese Armorial
Website devoted to be a register of coats of arms, badges, and heraldic devices used by armigers of Chinese heritage.

 Heraldry: Musings on an esoteric topic
The blog of David Appleton, devoted to international heraldry.

 Website of a Belgian heraldic enthusiast: Galeries Héraldiques


 The Cyber Journal of Heraldic Bookplates
The website of two prominent amateurs of bookplates with an international reputation: José Vicente de Braganza and Stewart LeForte. They love real bookplates and heraldic ones.

  The wonderful and huge bookplate collection of Dr Bernhard PETER


Centro Italiano Studi Vessillologici (Italian center for vexillological studies)


Creation of names, names of product or service, naming of company and names of internet domain. Contact: Pierre Chanut.

 Website of Chrystel Amyot, kiltmaker
Scottish kilts from France!

 la femme de dos - Catherine Chabrot
Website of my friend painter Catherine Chabrot.